Divorce and Family Law


Divorce. Child custody. Domestic violence. Adoption. Equitable distribution. Child support. Marital property. Spousal support. Family law tackles issues that are complex, emotionally charged, and painful. All too often, they can make one feel out of control and the process appear insurmountable.

With a 25+-year track record of positive outcomes, we handle tough issues with compassion and sensitivity. Our team strives to defuse emotions and bring about lasting, beneficial solutions for our clients and their loved ones. When formal, legal arrangements must be made to resolve family differences, we help our clients navigate, evaluate, and resolve a host of critical issues—including lump-sum or periodic support, child custody and visitation, equitable distribution of marital property, responsibility for debts, retirement and insurance coverages, and tax consequences. That said, our favorite divorce cases are the ones that never happen. Whenever a family can be salvaged, we will help with referrals and follow-up for appropriate counseling, mediation, or therapy.

We also help individuals who are planning to marry assess whether they should have a prenuptial agreement.  If you decide that you want a prenuptial agreement, we can help prepare and negotiate that for you.